About the Blog

In May of 2020, I wrote my first technical blog on Medium by request of my research advisor and realized that it was a great way to explain technology--also, the articles were fun to write! Since then, I have written more articles covering topics in a variety of computer science topics, like machine learning, statistics, and data visualizations on Medium.

Although I like Medium's interface for the most part and its audience, things like the paywall and the lack of support for code execution and mathematical equations limited what I could do on that site. As a workaround, I made this website so that I can directly control the content of the blog. I'll see how things go, but for now, I plan on posting things on this site first and then later an abridged version of the articles on Medium. I am also using this site for general note keeping on various topics that might be less specialized than a blog post and less suited for Medium, but can hopefully help people working in the field or who are interested in the topics.

About Me

I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2020 with a bachelors in computer engineering and a masters in computer science. During my four years, I researched at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems under the supervision of Dr. Abhishek Dubey and Shreyas Ramakrishna as well as other members of the SCOPE lab. My primary areas of interest included computer vision, deep learning, and statistical machine learning.

Currently, I work on a generative AI team at Google specializing in 3D computer vision.

To contact, please email burrussmatthew@gmail.com.

Last Updated: July 2020